If you're a brewer (and a beer lover)
This is a step-by-step-guide to what you get

What To Expect

I produce a two to three minute video on your beer (plus lots of other content), and put the beer information, tasting notes, and suggested food pairings into a database. One new beer is profiled each day, so there's always a reason to visit the site discover new and unique beer.

Quality Content and Exposure

Each video is embedded on a network of beer blogs (and only beer blogs) reaching over 100,000 subscribers a month. The video is available in HD ad-free, embeddable wherever you want. I also take professional photos of the beer.

Spread The Word & Get Fans

You can also run a contest for schwag, give discounts on your product, invite people to your the brewery, or give stuff away. I make it easy for people to sign up and get into your opt-in database.

The Cure For The Common Ad

Since all content is impartial and doesn't come across like a happy, PR-speak ad for the product, readers can trust the information here and keep coming back for information about your beer.


1. Each day, a new beer is profiled in a blog post accompanied by a short movie and professional photos. Follow the Twitter and Facebook pages and you'll get more information about the beer there.

2. I talk about the history of the beer, the right way to pour and present it, the tasting notes, and some suggested food pairings - a little taste to get you excited about experiencing it for yourself.

3. The breweries might give some schwag away, they might run a contest, you might even win free beer! Who knows? It's up to each of the individual breweries, but I make it real easy for them to connect with the readers.

4. Since the breweries pay for the spots, I'm not going to recommend or review the beer; it's just the facts. You'll always be able to trust I Taste Your Beer for impartial information.