What’s Included
This is what you can expect to receive when you reserve a day on the site

* A professionally produced and edited four minute HD video for embedding anywhere online (sample here)
* Professional product photos (samples at the bottom of this page)
* An original, fun, 200-300 word blog post that details the style, tasting notes, and food pairings on the website
* A giveaway/promotion on the ITYB Website with a one click submission form through Connect with Facebook
* Direct linking and promotion of your website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to grow followers and likes
* Video Placement on the network of beer blogs the ITYB ad shows on with over 50,000 beer-targeted pageviews a month (each day gets approximately 1,500 pageviews)
* A complete blitz of Tweets to over 10,000 users following @foodies, @h18, and @itasteyourbeer
* Facebook Status Updates here
* Social Media Shares on Digg, Stumbleupon, Buzz, and Reddit
* Your beer will be shared with the beer-blogger elite of New York City every month at an exclusive Beer Blogger Brunch (double exposure to beer industry influencers and tastemakers)

But most importantly, you get…

* A hyper-engaged community of online beer connoisseurs!