Become A Partner
Advertise on this site and expose your brand to thousands of beer connoisseurs.

There are a few ways to advertise with I Taste Your Beer:

1. Reserve a Day for Your Beer – You are a brewery or a distributor and you want all this You can reserve a day by clicking here, selecting the day you want, and checking out with paypal.

2. Buy me a beer and I’ll talk about your product – You may be a firm who wants me to help you market a beer-related product or service. In that case, I’ll do everything listed here for you while talking about your stuff and tasting a beer of my choosing. Again, please reserve a day by clicking here.

3. Advertise on the site – Up in the top right hand area and along the bottom of the pages, there’s ad space. They are a fixed price and you can purchase them on a monthly basis.

4. Have me film at your location – So far, I’ve signed some of the preeminent beer bars in Manhattan to film on location in their establishments. I’ll schlep the beers I am profiling over to your bar, shoot two weeks of beer videos on location profiling your establishment, and I’ll talk about your bar each day for a small fee. If you want a month, I’ll get you or your managers on camera in a video.

5. Host a beer brunch or dinner at your restaurant – Each month, I invite beer and food bloggers in NYC to a beer brunch/dinner. Each of the beers for the previous month are available to sample for free so tastemakers and influencers in the beer scene can try the beer that they normally wouldn’t have a chance to. The benefits are threefold: people order and try your food, I post on my site, and writers who come by to enjoy the beer may post about the event on their sites.

6. Represent your brand for the evening/afternoon in NYC – You send me beer and swag, I take it all out to a bar in New York City, demo your products, and take professional photos of the event. My Twitter and Facebook accounts are heavy with NYC beer connoisseurs, so your products will be sampled by people passionate about craft beer!

For items three through six, please contact me and I’ll send you rates. Please let me know which services you’re interested in and for what duration.