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These are the blogs where the I Taste Your Beer ads are distributed

Each of these blogs host a new I Taste Your Beer video every day in a 300×250 area in their respective sidebars. The reach 100,000 pageviews a month and that number is growing rapidly. If you have a beer blog and you’d like to host an ad (and make some beer money), please submit your information here for ad rates and placement!

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Blog About Beer

Blog About Beer explores the world of beer – From the commercial beer industry, to the homebrewing & craft beer community, and everything in between.

Beer Cruiser

Cruisin’ for the ultimate beer – craft beer reviews, recipes, opinions and more.

The Party Czar

Dear Diary,

Today, I went to a bar and had a beer. It was good. The bartender was also VERY cute. Today was a good day.


The Beer Babe

The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews feature beer reviews from craft breweries, description of The Beer Babe’s “Beer Adventures” across the country and is a site for the “beer-curious” to hear about beers they may or may not be familiar with and get a virtual taste of what’s out there.

not so pro beer

The Not So Professional Beer Blog

An amateur’s explorations of craft beer, homebrewing, and Portland beer culture.

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