Torpedo Extra IPA
by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

A lot of you have seen this before, but most of you haven’t. This was my first video and it took almost five hours to shoot. Crazy to think the actual shoot only takes about 30 minutes now, including setup and takedown in that time. It takes about two hours to edit each one, then it takes an hour to do the blog post and the social sharing. All in all, 3-3.5 hours to produce each episode, not counting all of the time selling, scheduling guests, promoting the site elsewhere, and meeting new beer folk.

It’s a crazy life!

Just the facts:

Appearance: Hazy Copper
Smell: Floral, Citrus
Taste: Bitter, Piney, Dry
Mouthfeel: Creamy, Medium Bodied, Tangy
Drinkability: Not a session beer, but not so bitter that you can’t drink more than one

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