Kai Adams
of Sebago Brewing Company

Kai had me up to Sebago for a brewery profile and we talked about his theories on the business of brewing, beer, brewery operations, and the people that make it all work. It was my pleasure to work with Kai and the people at Sebago and I look forward to being back up there again. I wish I got to do a video on their Full Throttle IPA.

Watching the video, I think I forgot to tip my waitresses! Next time I’m visiting my parents in Maine, I’ll go back and double tip for some of those Potato Nachos.

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Great beer

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1 Tiffany Adamowski

I miss your daily beer review videos.


2 Hagan

I need to make money! I had to put this on hiatus until I get something that pays the bills.


3 Tiffany

Bummer! Will look forward to the return of ITasteYourBeer.


4 Jess

Hagan, maybe my emails haven’t been going through- bummer! I have a few questions for you about your “website developer,” Patrick Garman and I’d love to touch base to get your thoughts. Please email me at this address- thanks.



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