Frye’s Leap IPA
by Sebago Brewing Company

I’ll admit, I’ve never been to Frye’s Leap. I’ve only been to Sebago to swim twice. I’ve never been on a boat in Sebago lake. Maybe I need to see if Kai is going to take me up on my offer to hang at his summer place sometime. That’s a win win!

If you know one beer fact, it’s probably the one about how IPAs came to be. Of course, I’m going to rehash it here. First from memory and then I’ll do some research. From memory:

Beer had to keep on the voyage from England to India and someone noticed that by adding hops, the beer kept longer.

I know. Amazing, right? I’m a veritable font of beer knowledge. Turns out that wasn’t either A) the reason at all or B) The complete reason. Is this a myth? Zythophile seems to think so:

The Wikipedia entry on India Pale Ale … is so completely, uselessly wrong as to be actively dangerous: its mistakes will be repeated by writers too lazy to do their own research.

Hey now! I guess that’s a credit to yours truly, yes? Look at me doing research outside of wikipedia. Aren’t you proud of me? Then I read that article and it just says, “There are no concrete facts to back up these assumptions about IPA.” OK, so what are the facts? Reading further into the article, We learn about a George Hodgson fellow who some say invented IPA:

I don’t have to prove George Hodgson didn’t invent IPA: if you disagree, you have to offer proof, proper documentary evidence, that he did. Good luck with that. I’ve been researching this stuff 20 years, and I’ve not found any evidence yet that Hodgson invented IPA.

This is the same as the argument for or against creationism. You can’t prove it – show me proof of your side. Nuh uh – YOU can’t prove it, show me proof of YOUR side. I’m not saying the guy invented it, but you can’t show me EVIDENCE that some higher power didn’t create man from dirt and woman from a rib bone. OK, that’s a little extreme. Martyn seems much more intelligent than to metaphorically relate this circumstance that way. Then again, from BrewingTechniques:

Beer did not keep well on long ocean voyages, especially voyages into hot climates. These hot environments often resulted in flat, sour beer. Voyages often lasted months, a long time for British sailors to go without a pint of beer. If such a situation were allowed, sailors would miss not only the cultural aspects of ale, but also the ready source of B vitamins that beer provided.

Oh well.

Just The Facts

Appearance: Clear Orange with a soft white head
Smell: Bright floral, citrus, and pine
Taste: Dry and grassy, A west coast IPA with an Eastern slant
Mouthfeel: Light bodied toward medium, medium carbonation
Drinkability: It’s 6.8% but you could have a bunch of these

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frye's leap ipa by sebago brewing company

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1 Bill

It’s no great leap to proclaim that this is the best IPA made in the state of Maine from its pristine Sebago Lake start to the finish on your palate. IPA lovers the world over are sure to agree.


2 Hagan Blount

And the Full Throttle for Imperial IPA!


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