Bohemian Czech Pilsner
by Bohemian Brewery

Maaamaaaa… just tasted beer… Czech Pilsner in my hand, popped the tab off of the caaaaaaan

I came up with something or the other three lines leading up to the chorus, but this one was the best.

Check out the Bohemian Brewery website. Can I be impartial about websites and package design? I think I can (no pun intended… you know, because they all come in cans). The lion on the outside feels strong. They love vespas, too – I’ve never owned one, but I’m going to get one this summer. This is the one I want. What do you think? Comments on vespas and beer below!

Oh yeah, the lion. You gotta feel like a man when you’re drinking this, baby. Look at that lion. He means business. I bet that lion chews on expensive food all of the time. If you put a mask on this guy, you could ride him like He-Man. This is the lion your man could be riding right now.

The Pilsner? Traditional. Where to find it? Gotta go to the land of the Pow-Pow or have a friend send it to you. Be one of the first to try it before they go global with this baby!

Just The Facts

Appearance: Pours a clear gold with a generous off-white head
Smell: Biscuity malt
Taste: Acidic and tart on the front end, hops come up strong in the finish balanced with the malt
Mouthfeel: Light body, just short of medium carbonation
Drinkability: Easy drinker, you could lose track of how many you’ve had quickly

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Where to find them online


bohemian czech pilsner by bohemian brewery

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