Affligem Blond
by Brouerij Affligem

I had this one for the first time on draught a week or so before I shot it. This is one of the flagships that Total Beverage Solution likes to bring out for their big events. It’s a pure Belgian Abbey Ale.

Are you liking the hand model in these shots? He’s my Canadian friend Ken Labach, fellow NY Tech Meeter and beer lover. I shoot once every two weeks and he’s been over to help me out, drink beers, and have pizza. His hands are way more manly than mine anyway. We started talking about getting into beer and admittedly, neither of us knew too much about the subject. I am but a beer novice myself, but I’m learning quickly.

I need to buy a beer book. I have downtime at work fairly often and I’d like to expand my knowledge a bit. Any recommendations? I think I’m going to stop by Barnes and Noble in Union Square today to pick something up. Probably “The New World Guide to Beer,” huh? I called the place and the lady questioned me when I told her Michael Jackson wrote the book. I wonder if having a name of a more famous person helped him or hurt him in business? I am guessing helped, because it’d probably make the name easier to remember. I’m sure it could backfire, though. Lady Gaga, Paleontology expert probably wouldn’t work as well.

Just The Facts

Appearance: Blond? It’s a hazy gold with a cream white head
Smell: Yeasty and light
Taste: Clove and spice with a citrusy component
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied on the full-bodied side, on the lighter side carbonation-wise
Drinkability: The body is going to slow you down a bit, the ABV is up there. This is a good one to savor

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affligem blond by brouerij affligem

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